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About us

We are Rens and Sieta, and we are deeply inspired by nature. During this unprecedented transitional time on Earth, we feel it is now time re-imagen how to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations. This is not the time in history where it is enough to know, this is the time to know how.

And so we decided to leave our Amsterdam home for a few months, step into a campervan and roll out a
map of Europe!

During the coming months we will visit eco-communities, ecosystem restoration camps and alternative initiatives in Europe. What does it mean to live regenerativly? What are different forms of community life? How do you implement permacultre principles? What are the challenges to eco-communities, and how can we overcome them? We have so many questions and will share our research and adventures along the way through this platform and via social media.

About Sieta

Sieta is always been interested in how things work. From her work in digital arts to teaching yoga and meditation to her work as consiousness coach, she is always inspired by exploring new ways of being on this Earth. Letting old structures go - so they can make space for new, more whole, systems to emerge. 

If you want to know more about her work, please visit www.bewustzijnsgids.nl

Instagram @sieta___maria

About Rens
From an early age Rens was mesmerized by life on Earth. Learning to understand what moves plants, animals and people is what moves him. Through his study Biology and Nature Management, he came into contact with the vulnerability but also the resilience of natural ecosystems.

Instagram @rensspanjaard

Listening to the wisdom of the voiceless