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Regenerative Exploratory Research


Exploring Regenerative Ways of Being


In the field of western ecology and biology there is little notice to the ancient wisdom traditions that acknowledges the animated life that runs through all beings,
including all plants, trees, funghi, insects and rocks.  This animated life that abides in the core of everything is called by ancient Alchemists lumen naturea, the light of matter. This light is simply abiding dormant within matter until it is called forth to flow throughout the Earth and the entire Cosmos. 

More and more of this ancient knowledge seems to be coming back in our western culture and being acknowledged by scientist although the language may seem different.
From the current awareness of both science and spiritual teachings we feel the call to dive deeper into both our own healing and that of the Earth.

How can we live regeneratively with the inclusion of all life on Earth?

That is a big question, which we would like to invite you to to reflect on. Maybe you already have an awareness of the inclusiveness you are already living. For instance, you might be vegan and think compassionately of all animals. Or you might be a activist who put her/his/their body on the line to stop the destruction of the fossil fuel industry.

These all are openings to an inclusive society where we clearly move away from destruction and keep directing our energy towards a fair and regenerative society. One important step  is to bring back the scale of community (your local neighbourhood) and finding ways to connect back to local resources that add social and ecological value.

Our approach in this research will be effected by the local conditions of the area we find ourselves in at the time: the social, geographical and ecological situation shapes our findings and outcomes.
We defined our research into 4 categories: field-notes, wildcrafted products, regenerative stories and eco communities.
These will be products of our intentions and drive to take a deep dive into the research question of sustainable practices.

These intentions are inspired by many others on the planet today who already live and contribute from this place of interconnectedness. We are inspired by humans like:
Vandana Shiva, Charles Eisenstein, Polly Higgins, Douglas Rushkoff, Marianne Thieme.

Research methodology

Intuitive Embodied Research

In our travels we are guided an intuitive embodied research methodology. This form of research is not guided by mind-made knowledge, but rather focusses on using the human senses to engage with the natural world. Through observation, silence, human-plant interaction, feeling, hearing, seeing and sensing, this method allows parts of the whole to coalesce together and form an emergent meaning through the sum of its parts. Arriving at an heart-felt insight and wisdom, that is formed anew in every moment.
We thankfully make use of the the knowledge gathered though the years about plant medicine, Eastern wisdom tradition, permaculture, neuropsychology and ancesteral knowledge in order to inform our intuitive observations and combine these two into the written offerings, plant-medicine products and embodied excersizes on this platform.

Our intention is to explore the natural world freely and bundle our stories in such a way that it inspires and evokes a regenerative way of living with Ourselves, the Earth, with the Earth’s people and all existing life.
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Listening to the wisdom of the voiceless